Correcting misinformation spread by the anti-Dalai Lama Protesters

CTA Documentary — “Dorje Shugden: The Spirit & the Controversy”

Members of the Western Shugden Society pAs well as outlining some of the important events in the history of this controversy and the positions of various administrative bodies and Tibetan NGOs, this informative video documentary, produced by the CTA, contains interviews with the seniormost lamas of the different Tibetan Buddhist traditions: H.H Dalai Lama, the Ganden Tripa-head of the Gelug sect, H.H. Sakya Trizin-head of the Sakyas , the late Minling Trichen and Trulshik Rinpoche of the Nyingma, and Situ Rinpoche of the Kagyu. In each of these interviews these eminent lamas explain the status Shugden holds within their respective traditions. [PLEASE NOTE: This video contains graphic images]