Correcting misinformation spread by the anti-Dalai Lama Protesters

“The Earth Shaking Thunder of the True Word”

earth shaking

In his attempts to promote the false contention that the view of Dolgyal Shugden as an enlightened being and not  an evil spirit was and is widespread throughout the Tibetan traditions, NKT founder Kelsang Gyatso has claimed  a number of Sakya masters consider Shugden  a highly developed spiritual entity, proclaiming:

Not only Gelugpa Lamas believe this, some Sakya Lamas also believe that Dorje Shugden is a holy being. In the book by Dhongtog Tulku Tenpai Gyaltsen he says that Dorje Shugden cannot be a worldly spirit because he is a bodhisattva [‘Buddha-to-be’].

Here reproduced is the book in question, Dhongtog Tulku’s “Earth Shaking Thunder of the True Word: A Refutation of Attacks on the Advice of HH the Dalai Lama Regarding the Propitiation of Guardian Deities.” While the text makes interesting reading and the reader is left to form his or her own opinion as to Dhongtog Tulku’s views regarding the deity, a brief glance at its content will nevertheless confirm that Kelsang Gyatso’s  portrayal of Dhongtog as one who supports his distorted view of Shugden is both wildly misinformed as well as totally disingenuous. In fact, Dhongtog Tulku is one of the best known critics of the cult of Shugden worship in the entire Buddhist world.

Earth Shaking