Correcting misinformation spread by the anti-Dalai Lama Protesters

Update on ‘The Lies of the Shugden Propaganda Machine’

Recently, this site highlighted the case of a horrific mutilation purportedly carried out by masked men claiming to be ‘the Dalai Lama’s messengers’. The perpetrators of the alleged atrocity were said to have severed the digits from the hand of the 20 year old son of a family of Lhasa Shugden devotees. In support of the claim, a shocking photograph of the hand was provided as ‘evidence’ [To see image click hereWARNING: the image is likely to cause upset].

 The image and the alleged incident caused great disturbance among followers of the Dalai Lama, so much so that an investigation was launched to establish the veracity, or otherwise, of the claim.

While at that time the investigation was inconclusive with regard to the specific incident, it did lead to the revelation of a clear pattern of deliberate deception and fabrication of ‘evidence’ by Shugden devotees in order to support disingenuous claims of widespread ‘human rights’ abuses.

Now however, clear evidence that the whole of the original alleged incident was a cynical and deliberate hoax, designed entirely to deceive the public and dupe their own followers into taking part in their angry protests against His Holiness has emerged. It seems the image which shocked so many was not so horrific as first seemed, it being an elaborate ‘trick or treat’ prop, a “Must have for your Haunt… incredibly cool severed human arm made of poly foam with silicone shoulder gore and forearm with chewed of fingers.”

Our original post on this issue concluded by raising several questions about the Shugden community’s policy of deliberate fabrication of ‘evidence’ to support their claims. At a time when yet another fresh band of innocent converts have again been duped into taking part in angry and vociferous “human rights” protests against the Dalai Lama perhaps the most relevant of these is, if the ISC are so ready and willing to lie to their supporters, many of whom sincerely believe they are engaged in a virtuous battle for the human rights of Shugden practitioners, what does this tell us about how ISC seniors see their own supporters?

Severed Zombie Arm Ad