Correcting misinformation spread by the anti-Dalai Lama Protesters

The Nazis of Tibet: A Twentieth Century Myth

The New Kadampa front organization, the Western Shugden Society, features a video on their website entitled “The Dalai Lama, Tibet, and Nazi Germany Collaboration”. Another “front group”, the International Shugden Community, features on their website an article entitled “The Dalai Lama’s fascination with war and Nazism”.

In this paper, Dr Engelhardt focuses on this alleged Nazi-Tibetan connection, in particular the Ernst Schäfer Tibet expedition of 1938–39, an expedition which is central to many of those conspiracy theories postulating an ideological link between the Tibetans and Hitler’s National Socialist Party. Though somewhat lengthy and academic in nature, it makes essential reading for anyone intent upon understanding the mythological nature of the Tibetan-Nazi conspiracy theory

Dr ISRUN ENGELHARDT was a senior researcher at the Institute of Central Asian Studies, Bonn University’ Her field of specialist research was Tibetan-European encounters between the 17th and 20th centuries from the Tibetan perspective; many consider her the world’s leading and most knowledgeable academic in this field.

Essay Published in Images of Tibet in the 19th and 20th centuries Vol. 1
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