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“Tibetan and Zen Buddhism in Britain: Transplantation, Development and Adaptation”


This book analyzes the transplantation, development and adaptation of the two largest Tibetan and Zen Buddhist organizations currently active on the British religious landscape: the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT) and the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives (OBC). The key contributions of recent scholarship are evaluated and organized thematically to provide a framework for analysis, and the history and current landscape of contemporary Tibetan and Zen Buddhist practice in Britain are also mapped out. A number of patterns and processes identified elsewhere are exemplified, although certain assumptions made about the nature of ‘British Buddhism’ are subjected to critical scrutiny and challenged.

About the Author

David N. Kay has lectured and conducted doctoral research into the development and adaptation of Tibetan and Zen forms of Buddhism in Britain at St. Martin’s College, Lancaster.

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